Welcome to the

Superlative Secret Society

This secret web3 society features a unique collection of pieces of aesthetic, hand-drawn artwork with colorful style. Much of the inspiration for the project comes from the history of secret societies and medieval guilds, where the benefits are bestowed upon collectives and individual members. Unlock secret privileges and perks by joining our secret society. The more curious you are about our community, the more secrets you will reveal.

Superlative Secret Society has been built by a passionate team and a powerful grassroots community. The project offers incredible utility and is dedicated to supporting the next generation of artists!

The Journey Behind
The Superlative

From stranger to partner. From nothing to something. Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner. This is our journey through all of the time and effort. Together, as a team to make a dream come true.

Time Square Advertise

The Superlative Secret Society became the center of attention of Americans in New York City. We successfully advertised our NFT in New York Time Square from January 11-16th, 2022.

  • Q1

    January - March

    • Times Square Advertisement
    • 12 ETH Charity
    • Artifact Hunt
    • Repus Drop!
    • Merch Drop
    • Art Auction in SSS Gallery
  • Q2

    April - June

    • Newsletter Launch
    • Honorary Artdrop for HolderSSS
    • Art-Painting Competition
    • Repus Merch!
  • Q3

    July - September

    • The Lore Drop (TBD)
    • Mallacan Machine Auction!
  • Q4

    October - December

    • Bali Raffle