Introducing Mallacan World, these are the collections of each and every Mallacan Warriors. For centuries, fearless metaphysical warriors fought to claim land and resources as their own.


Genesis Collection

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Repus Collection

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Blended Colors Collection

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Every SuperlativeSS holders will have the privilege of receiving secret seasonal airdrops, whether it's in the form of a derivative collaboration with Blue Chip NFT or participation in certain events.

Superlative Honoraries

Superlative Honoraries is A Special Edition NFT Artwork Airdropped Exclusively for Our Beloved Honoraries. This exclusive airdrop symbolizes the symbiotic relationship we share, igniting a new chapter in our collective pursuit of innovation and creativity.


SSSBirthday is a special day for all the Mallacan citizens. The four founders who awakened Mallacan in September, celebrate the Superlative Secret Society's first anniversary by forging a peculiar Mallacan box as a gift for the true Mallacan citizen.

SEKALA Spritis

SEKALA Spirits is a special NFT that has been airdropped to Superlative Holder as a collectible item and also as a pass to our artist Witjk, in his solo exhibition exclusive event at the Superlative Gallery in Bali, Indonesia.