Introducing The Repus, The Mallaccan Warriors who defeated and scavenged the bodies of The Chosen quickly vanished and were never seen or heard from again. It's rumored that the weapons and trophies they cultivated gave them tremendous powers; powers that the "False Prophet" used to recruit and organize a secret cult-like following whose sole mission was to conquer all Mallacan lands.... they Called themselves The Repus


It is what remains from "The Colossus," holding tremendous magical energy granted to those who wield its power. Little do they know, something dark is lurking inside the artifact, waiting to consume its bearer.

Awaken The Repus

Please Load your "SuperlativeSS token" And "Superlative Artifacts token" according to the amount that you want and awaken the Repus!

Note : You will still have your SuperlativeSS token (you won’t lose your SuperlativeSS Token), Superlative Artifact Token will be burned and replaced with The Repus Token.