What is Superlative Secret Society?

Superlative Secret Society is a collection of Ethereum-based digital artworks (NFTs). PT. NFT Bangun Asia owns all of the name and intellectual property involved in the Superlative Secret Society NFT collectibles. All rights that are not specifically granted to the users and owners of Superlative Secret Society are reserved by the team or potential future DAO. Name, logos, images, the smart contract code, 3D layer files, trademarks, website and the ability to mint 3D or voxel of other versions of Superlative Secret Society, are the assets that include and belong to the intellectual property of PT. NFT Bangun Asia.

Utilization of Your Token

Once you connect your Ethereum wallet and mint an NFT with our smart contract, you have officially purchased a SuperlativeSS token. By owning a Superlative Secret Society token, you are free to show it off, use it as your pfp, modify, sell and even produce a merchandise it, up to $100.000 through the sale of physical merch or using your full SuperlativeSS in a piece of art you may create. In a situation that you have approached, exceed, or expect to go beyond the numbers please reach out to the team for discussing the license.

The Superlative Secret Society always strives to provide and produce the best artwork and content for its holders. However, broadly speaking in the Superlative Foundation (DAO), each holder has a voice in deciding all matters regarding the Superlative Foundation itself. When you buy SuperlativeSS, there are no guarantees and promises that we will give in any form. Either directly or from a second party.

Do at Your Own Risk

SuperlativeSS is meant to be a fun NFT token to collect. Not as an investment tool. We “do not” promise or guarantee that NFT SuperlativeSS can provide any benefits when used as an investment tool. We will try to build community and provide as many intangible benefits and emotional connections as possible.


You entirely have full responsibility for all types of taxes that arise from the process of minting or reselling your Superlatives Secret Society token.